RAW = Re-imagining the Arts in Wynwood

"It starts with this irony: Wynwood's middle school doesn't have an art department… due to budget restraints… How can the most burgeoning art neighborhood on the planet have public schools that don't teach art or music?" - The Huffington Post

In the US, six million students receive no arts education, and 60 percent of American schools have seen their arts programs defunded. RAW began in 2014 and brought together a coalition of non-profits, organizations, artists, and administration to bring color and inspiration on Wynwood's Jose De Diego middle school's concrete walls and a school suffering a drought in budget for creativity.

Over 80 artists came together, and results were magnificent enough to increase school enrolment among the community. More kids were coming back to school, and class attendance increased. There was an increase in test scores, school pride, and a decrease in bullying and violence. RAW sent a shockwave of enthusiasm that proves it can better the school and its body through art. In 2016, RAW expands as a campaign to support the creation of arts programs at schools nationwide.

Wynwood's Eneida M. Hartner elementary school is made up of a melting pot of minorities living below the poverty line, finding refuge from broken home life within the walls of education and a loyal, dedicated faculty. During Art Basel 2016, this elementary opens its doors for a carefully selected group artists to beautify its walls and encourage art education throughout the community. RAW teams up with European art project Stick Together to help broaden an international team of talent to maintain its already sterling level of skill. For years, the Wynwood neighborhood in Miami has seen a renaissance in arts, culture, and development. RAWs project has sparked a conversation and a process that bridges urban contemporary art and education through the very medium that has celebrated.

Join us, and get involved.


Here's what the press has to say about RAW

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"These kids, who are considered "rough" around Miami, are calmer these days, because they feel that they're in a safe place now. They're more excited about coming to school and even come to the grounds on weekends to play basketball and hang out. Instead of trying to get access to charter schools, more kids are interested in sticking around, and more local children have inquired about enrolling."
The Huffington Post


Our partners include:

  • Wynwood Map
  • Wynwood Art District Association
  • Bakehouse Art Complex
  • Stick Together
  • U-doodle
  • Spinello
  • Fontaine
  • Prmary Projects
  • Product 81
  • Gregg Sheinbaum
  • Suviche
  • Wynwood Life
  • Branded Arts
  • Branded Arts
  • Original Dampkring Gallery
  • StreetArt.com
  • Advanced Concert Productions
  • Life in Color
  • Nekto
  • Yo! Miami

"As artists and developers have discovered Wynwood, a disconnect has emerged between the upscale newcomers and the Puerto Rican and African-American residents who have long lived there. This project is a small step in an effort to begin bridging that gap."
NPR (National Public Radio)


Many thanks to the artists involved for the time and effort they have contributed to make this project a reality. They include:

  • 2Alas

    2 Alas



  • Adnate


  • aholsniffsglue


  • AM


  • Luis Berros

    Luis Berros

  • Bik-Ismo


  • Buff Monster

    Buff Monster

  • James Bullough

    James Bullough

  • Caratoes


  • Diana Contreras

    Diana Contreras

  • Spencer Keeton Cunningham

    Spencer Keeton Cunningham

  • D*Face


  • Paola Delfin

    Paola Delfin

  • Don Rimx

    Don Rimx

  • dotdotdot

    Dot Dot Dot

  • Elle


  • Fin DAC

    Fin DAC

  • FL.Mingo


  • Seth Globepainter

    Seth Globepainter

  • Li Hill

    Li Hill

  • Kyle Holbrook

    Kyle Holbrook

  • Hoxxoh


  • Jufe


  • Kai


  • Kraser


  • Lebo


  • So Youn Lee

    So Youn Lee

  • Leza One

    Leza One

  • Anthony Lister

    Anthony Lister

  • The Lost Object

    The Lost Object

  • Madsteez


  • Makatron


  • Amanda Marie

    Amanda Marie

  • Marisol Medina

    Marisol Medina

  • Jose Mertz

    Jose Mertz

  • MRKA


  • MTO


  • Muro


  • Never 2501

    Never 2501

  • Nychos


  • Pastel FD

    Pastel FD

  • Pixel Pancho

    Pixel Pancho

  • Reka One

    Reka One

  • Santiago Rubino

    Santiago Rubino

  • RYCA


  • Alex Senna

    Alex Senna

  • Shark Toof

    Shark Toof

  • Snik


  • Magnus Sodamin

    Magnus Sodamin

  • Tava


  • Trek 6

    Trek 6

  • Tubs


  • Typoe


  • Txemy


  • Vexta


  • Axel Void

    Axel Void

  • Martin Whatson

    Martin Whatson

  • Word to Mother

    Word to Mother

  • Zed1


Launch Event:

To share the RAW story and support for Wynwood schools, RAW will be hosting a VIP private event, tour and open air panel discussion with drinks and food Thursday, December 1st, from 5pm to 8pm to celebrate its next chapter of bringing top artists to beautify Wynwood’s Eneida M. Hartner elementary school walls.

VIP ticket holders will have a private tour that starts with a view of the high-level mural walls at Jose de Diego middle school. The tour then moves next door to Eneida M. Hartner elementary school to watch top international and local artists paint live. A knowledgeable guide will lead the group, finishing at the next door Smash Canvas event for a happy hour panel discussion, complimentary food and drinks.

  • Meeting Point Location: Eneida M. Hartner Elementary School 401 NW 29th St, Miami, FL 33127
  • End Location: Smashed Canvas (across 29th street from Eneida M. Hartner Elementary School)
  • Date: Thursday, December 1st, 2016 from 5pm - 8pm
  • Event Info: VIP event tickets are $45 per person, and includes private tour, two complimentary happy hour cocktails and food catered by the event's food truck chef team. Proceeds go to Eneida M. Hartner elementary school and RAW art projects.

Contact Us:

For donations and more information, email us at info@projectwynwood.com, or fill out the contact form below: